Embrace our strength, power and resilience as women!

Embrace our strength, power and resilience as women!

As women, we often complain of the injustices that befall our gender. As much as I believe women are being put down one way or the other by Society, I cannot also deny that often we are "down" because we allow ourselves to be and worst, we decide to remain down.



Have you ever found yourself doubting your ability to achieve your dreams? Or do you ever find yourself feeling inadequate or unworthy? You are NOT alone.  As women, sometimes we are just way too harsh on ourselves. And it is during these times that it is important to remember to be gentle with ourselves.



It is about being conscious that “you are what you think”.  When we catch ourselves in the “I can’t” mentality, we remember that we are capable of bringing ourselves back into alignment with our highest potential and purpose at any point in time. We just need to make the intention. To me, it is very helpful to say out loud the affirmations that I sticked on the mirror.



Another way to uplift you and feel empowered is to wear a reminder. This is one of the reasons I created the brand FLO JEWELLERY, to remind people that there are infinite possibilities from within. You can basically manifest anything!



You are unlike any other person in this universe. You are a unique physical, spiritual and energetic being, with your own authentic truth. You have gifts and a purpose which are needed today; not tomorrow, not sometime in a few years, but today. You, at this moment, are exactly what is needed at this time.

  • I BELIEVE in myself, I WILL achieve my dreams


Your path will be different than everyone else’s. There is no need to compare yourself to others because their story is very different from yours. Your dreams are your dreams for a reason. It’s time to believe in yourself and to step into your power.



May you have the courage to BE YOU and embrace your strength, power and resilience!



“She was powerful,


not because she wasn’t scared


but because she went on so strongly


despite the fear.”


-  Atticus



Love & Gratitude, 

Flora xoxo

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