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Ever wonder what is blocking you from manifesting what you want?

Blockages in Chakras often keep us from unleashing our full potential.



Book a Chakra Consultation with Flo Jewellery Founder, Flora Chan to find out where you are with your energy centres.

It is a great way to take an inventory of your wellbeing. Flora would give a brief on what each Chakra is about, share your unique story of how your chakras are affected and share tips to balance your Chakras.

Whether it is life issues that you are dealing with, clarifying your life direction or just curious about your energy, this is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Basic Chakras Reading

40-50 mins


Flora will go through with you the seven chakras and let you know your energy state. She will share with you the unique story of how your chakras are interconnected and the possible reasons behind them. She will also share some tips for you to balance the chakra(s) that you need to focus on.


Deep Dive Chakras Consultation

1 to 1.5 hours



HKD300 per additional 1/2 Hour

In addition to all the Basic Reading offers, Flora will also share what she sees in your past lives that affect your energy now. You might gain insights into what your life mission might be and ask about a specific area of your life.

Chakras Healing Session

2 to 2.5 hours



HKD300 per additional 1/2 hour

In this healing session, Flora will help clear the blockages identified in each of your Chakras; this includes experiences in childhood, past and current relationships and past lives. You will come out of the session with all Chakras balanced.


"It was a life changing experience. I went to Flo because I had been feeling disconnected from both my inner self and from nature. It was as if I was running on autopilot and I needed to be reset. And that's exactly what happened during my Chakra reading session with Flo. She gave me insight into some of the reasons why I felt so disconnected. I left the session having laughed, cried, and most importantly with a new found sense of direction. It was truly a wonderful experience. Thank you Flo."


2 NOV 2019

"Awareness of chakras of what's down and what's excessive of can keep your mind and body in check.  Sometimes it is obvious to you but getting validation from Flo and her energies really help assert your focus to what you like to improve on, what needs investing more in and re-focus.  It's a reboot and wake up call to reset those changes and address your needs to live mindfully."

Cheryl L.

15 SEP 2018

"The reading session was very interesting to me, Flora's reading of my past karma, my life story behind, and my current status related to the chakras were all accurate. Some of the things she mentioned were already in my head subconsciously, and listening to her with the advice of which chakra to work on, it really does make sense. I think a lot of times when people get to experience the spiritual consultation, we listen more of the accuracy of the reading, but the way Flora guided the session and how she analysed what to work on, was very clear."

Jasmine W.

16 JUN 2019

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