Amber Necklaces

Amber Necklaces

Joy. Courage. Calmness 

Amber is a fossil resin of conifers (cone-bearing trees) of mainly Paleogene historic period (35 to 60 million years ago). Amber is indeed a unique gemstone that has been admired through the centuries both by the royalty and the ordinary.

It is in a way an envoy from the past ascribed to possess magic and healing abilities. It is surrounded with ancient myths and legends bearing a number of poetic names such as “tears of the sea” or “gift of the Sun”.

Throughout the Middle Ages in Europe amber was valued as more precious than gold. It was believed to provide physical and spiritual benefits to its wearer, including treatment for respiratory and thyroid diseases, and arthritis. It also believed to be beneficial against fatigue and depression. Amber brings joy to life and gives the courage necessary to overcome anxiety. Stone of the sun, amber warms the heart in literal and figurative sense and is believed to be a good remedy many ailments.

FLO JEWELLERY use only authentic Baltic amber for our jewellery. Due to the fact that each piece is hand-picked, and polished, the amber stone will vary slightly in colour and shape. It is highly valued for its beautiful colors, individual variations, lightweight, luster and warmth.