Discover Your Inner Rainbow with Chakras

Ever wonder what is blocking you from manifesting what you want?
Want to know where your stress might be from?
Struggling with physical issues but want to know why?

Blockages in our Chakras can lead to physical and emotional issues and keep us from unleashing our full potential.

You are invited to join our founder and holistic healer Flora to:

- Learn how our Chakras affect our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing

- Understand how the chakras are inter-related

- Learn practical tips to balance our seven major chakras


Duration: 90 minutes


Format: Online - Zoom Class

If you're interested, you can also book a personalised Chakra Consultation with Flora to gain insights into where you are with your energy centres and the influences behind the energy centres such as your childhood, family, past relationship or experiences and even past lives.




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