FLO JEWELLERY's Meterorite Collection features designs that bring out the beautiful etch patterns of the Muonionalusta meteorite and combine with sacred geometry symbols to accentuate the powerful cosmic energy. The jewelry pieces are electroplated with Rhodium to prevent rusting and are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

What is Muonionalusta Meteorite?

Meteorite is the debris of comets and asteroids originated in the outer space. Scientists consider the Muonionalusta meteorite to be the oldest meteorite known to man, dating back 4.5 billion years ago. Muonionalusta is located north of the Arctic Circle in the northern part of Sweden and the first meteorite was found in 1906. It has been confirmed by geologists that meteorite experienced ice age on Earth. The natural lines, formally known as “Widmanstatten Patterns” is the biggest feature of this meteorite type. It is also very difficult to be found, usually in deep underground; specialized hunters use professional tools and skills to search them.

Benefits of Meteorite

Today, one can wear it as a luxury accessory as well as for mental, spiritual and physical well-being. Wearing it can help increase vitality, concentration and communication, protect against negative energy and attract abundance, improve blood circulations, increase intuition and support consciousness to higher vibrational energies.

Because of its tremendous healing energy, it is often used to clear crystals’ energies, make sacred tools or during meditation.