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Mission and values

FLO JEWELLERY is a collection of high quality jewellery designed to remind you of the infinite possibilities within. Beautiful symbolic pieces empower men and women by inspiring hope and positive energy. Handcrafted by skilled expert jewelers using 925 sterling silver, 18K rose or yellow gold, FLO JEWELLERY collections are dedicated to working with ethical, family-run businesses assuring quality, fair and sustainable production.  


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A self-taught Jewellery designer, Flora’s love of the arts fuses with her affinity to maths and science, creating a unique collection of contemporary pieces. The infusion of her passions is compounded by her personal mission to bring hope and inspiration to people. Her commitment to giving back to the community and making a positive impact in her life journey led her to mentoring underprivileged youth and a trip to India in 2010, helping to immunise children in need. Her innate desire to nurture and help other people guided her to practise energy healing and to become a certified life coach.


In 2015, Flora established Flo Jewellery. Each collection is designed with its own story and meaningful purpose. The Flower of Life collection features the ancient pattern symbolising oneness, connection with the universe and harmony. Wearing this symbolic pattern is a reminder of the Universe within you. Chakras collection represents each Chakra - the energy of your actions, thoughts and emotions. Packaged in beautiful boxes, each jewellery presented by FLO JEWELLERY comes with heartfelt cards referencing the deeper meaning of each symbolic piece. Philosophical symbols transform into timeless and emotive jewellery, inspiring positive transformation within each of us.



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