Chinese New Year Collection

To celebrate the New Year of Tiger, FLO JEWELLERY has launched three auspicious designs of FLO Diffuser TM, Lucky Cat, Daruma Doll and Fat Choy Mahjong.

The special offer is for a set of all 3 styles in either rose gold or silver colours (chosen randomly). 

Daruma Doll

Perseverance. Blessing. Dream Coming True

A daruma doll is a traditional Japanese good luck charm for making a wish or setting a goal. It is also a symbol of perseverance to remind us to stand up, to believe in the process, to keep moving forward and bounce back up when we face pitfalls in life. This is why Daruma dolls have such determined expressions to represent their spirit of not giving up. Different colours of daruma dolls represent different blessings:

Blue Daruma Doll

Meaning: Performance and career success.

Recommended for: New jobs or business ventures.

Pink Daruma Doll

Meaning: Love and romance.

Recommended for: Relationships, friendships.

Lucky Cat

Good Luck. Prosperity. Joy

The Lucky Cat, or maneki-neko in Japanese, is a symbol that originated in Japan. From ancient days, it has been seen as a talisman to bring good luck to households, happiness and success to individuals, and wealth and prosperity to businesses.


Mahjong ‘Fat Choy’

Wealth. Blossom. Sincerity

This clip features a green mahjong tile with the Chinese Character , which translates to "get rich”. It also represents an archer releasing his or her draw and the Confucian virtue of sincerity.