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Keep calm, go with the Flo!

'Cadenza' Baltic Amber Necklace
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'Cadenza' Baltic Amber Necklace

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Baltic Amber - Joy. Courage. Calmness 
This beautiful and modern necklace is handcrafted with sterling silver and Baltic amber of different colours. 

What is Baltic Amber?

Formed over 45 million years ago, Baltic Amber is an organic substance, a “fossil resin” produced by pine trees which grew in Northern Europe - from southern regions of the present day Scandinavia and nearby regions of the bed of the Baltic Sea.

Baltic Amber has been used since ancient times, making Amber Jewellery and ornaments for its healing properties. Amber is always so warm to the touch and was thought to be solidified sunshine. Throughout the Middle Ages in Europe amber was valued as more precious than gold.

It was believed to provide physical and spiritual benefits to its wearer, including treatment for respiratory and thyroid diseases, and arthritis. It is also believed to be beneficial against fatigue and depression. Amber brings joy to life and gives the courage necessary to overcome anxiety. Stone of the sun, amber warms the heart in literal and figurative sense and is believed to be a good remedy for many ailments.



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